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Welcome to Psykologisk Psykiatrisk Klinik

(Psychological Psychiatric Clinic)


My name is Gitte Lundin Christiansen. I was born in 1974 and have a masters degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen (2002). In Denmark I am a licensed clinical psychologist and also have a PhD in psychology. In the US I am NOT allowed to call myself a psychologist. In the US I may call myself 'an unlicensed therapist'. I have many years of experience in the field of adult psychiatry. During my career I have worked with all forms of mental suffering from light depression to severe psychotic states. During the past seven years, I have also been treating substance- and alcohol-abuse.

My contention is that humility, empathy, flexibility, professionalism and equal collobaration are some of the most important principles for succesful psychological treatment nomatter which psychological problem one is dealing with. I believe that all people have an innate drive toward development. Because of this, I also believe that people have the ability to recover, if their mind or emotional system should "lose its natural balance". Life can hit hard in different ways and cause different types of dispair. We all know of this. Sometimes we are able to find our own way through lifes challenges and we might even find strength in having overcome adversity. At other times it can be useful or even necessary for us to seek help, and in some cases a psychologist might be the best option.

I consider it a great privilege to be allowed to help a fellow human being find or rediscover his or her own inner strength when life poses major or minor challenges. For me, the very core of psychological treatment is precisely this - to help a human being back to his or her natural developmental path towards better wellbeing.


I offer individual talk therapy and councelling in English


Individual therapy

I offer individual therapy concerning all general human issues such as grief, divorce, stress, selfworth issues and childrearing/family problems. In addition to this, I have specialized knowledge of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia , PTSD, ADHD and eating disorders. Furthermore, I treat people with alcohol and drug addiction. 



I have years of experience with treating psychiatric disorders from working in the traditional psychiatric system, both open and closed wards at psychiatric hospitals. I know of both pros and cons of traditional psychiatric treatment. I offer councelling to people who have been psychiatrically diagnosed as well as to family/friends of people who have been diagnosed. For many years, I have been interested in psychiatry-critical user movements as well as professional networks around the globe, fighting for a better and more humane psychiatric system. From this perspective, I also offer councelling about possible alternatives to the traditional psychiatric system.

I also offer councelling about drug and alcohol abuse, including relevant treatments of substance abuse problems. The municipality offers treatment to people who have developed a substance abuse or alcohol problem. This treatment is free of charge for the individual and in some cases this type of treatment is very relevant and effective. In other cases it might not be sufficient to meet the treatment needs of the individual. A family members drug or alcohol problem inevitably affects the whole family. I offer councelling about how to best support the individual as well as how to best protect yourself and other family members who may be affected. 


Effect of treatment or sufficient benefit from councelling can sometimes be reached after only a small number of sessions. Depending on the complexity of the psychological problem presented and depending on the individual's wishes, sometimes longterm treatment or councelling is needed. With a minimum of 10 sessions, a reduction in expenses can be negotiated (see the section below concerning prices).


Theoretical orientation and my take on therapeutic work

I have primarily been inspired by modern psychodynamic theories, by attachment theory and by existential approaches to therapeutic work. This means that I view early relationships as pivotal to the psychological development of a human being and as crucial to the way a human being comes to understand him- or herself as well as the surrounding world.

It is my strongly held belief that any therapeutic work needs to be customized specifically to the individual person because of the unique character of the inner world of the individual. This means that I don't believe in the effectiveness of psychological treatment based on 'treatment manuals' or other types of standardized treatment for any specific psychological problem. As such, my position is very much in line with the American existential psychiatrist, Irvin D. Yalom as he expresses the following in his book 'The Gift of Psychotherapy': "...the therapist must try to create a new type of therapy for each patient."


Prices and practicalities

Insurance cover

In many cases you can get full or partial refund if you check with your insurance or pension provider whether they cover psychological treatment.

The price for psychological treatment is 1100 kr per session (50 minutes) if your insurance or pension provider covers your cost. 


If you are not covered by insurance, pension provider or otherwise, prices are

Individual therapy: 950 kr. (50 minutes)

Councelling: 950 kr. (50 minutes)

Couples therapy: 1100 kr (60 minutes)


If you are a member of Sygeforsikring Danmark you can get refunded 300 kr per session. I cannot receive referrals from your GP.



Cancellations are accepted no later than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Later cancellations or no-shows will be charged full price.



You can pay in cash or through bank transfer.

Client confidentiality and privacy policy

Client confidentiality

Psychologists are both ethically and legally obligated to work according to the principle of client confidentiality. This means that you can talk to me about the most private subjects without any concern that your information will be shared with a third party. Client confidentiality lies at the heart of psychological treatment and is upheld even with admissions to crime. The only two exceptions to the rule of confidentiality are as follows: 1) If you are in a state of mind that might put yourself or others in serious danger. 2) If a childs emotional, mental or physical development is threatened (Servicelovens § 153).


Privacy policy
Authorized psychologists are obligated to keep a written journal for each client. This means that I will write brief notes about important content of each session. I will write what is relevant with regards to your situation and your treatment goals. I am the only one who has access to your file. Your file will be kept in a locked filecabinet for 5 years and will hereafter be destroyed. It is your right to see a copy of your file at any time you might wish to do so.

If you come to me for treatment or councelling it is necessary for me to keep personal information about you, such af your name, your address, your social security number and possibly bank account number. To secure your data, I use an encrypted email-system (protonmail) and an encrypted texting app (signal). I use a work phone that is exclusively used for client contact purposes and I have no downloaded apps that might compromise the security of your personal information. If you want to ensure the highest possible data security, you should also use 'protonmail' and 'signal' when you communicate with me in writing.



You are welcome to contact me any time. Together we will find out whether my offer may be relevant for you

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